The Story

Matterhorn story is an oral history, gleaned from the multitude of people passing through the ubiquitous swing doors at the end of a long corridor on Cuba St – history based on hearsay, gossip, intrigue and the occasional late night lie.

A scene of assembly for Wellington’s creative cognoscenti, the Matterhorn welcomes a multicoloured array of clientele.  Originally a Swiss coffee house opened in 1963, it has metamorphosed into a regular’s restaurant, café, cocktail bar and supper club, where attitude is valued over attire.  Head-chef Sean Marshall presents a menu that is fresh and unpretentious, showcasing the best of our country’s seasonal and artisan produce in a truly original fashion. This is supported by a pioneering wine list traversing old and new world styles and one of the most comprehensive selections of spirits and original cocktails in the world.  Also on rotation are some of the country’s finest working musicians, a criminally talented band of gypsies mining the vein that is original music, while obsessive-compulsives dust off their most obscure and rare of vinyl collections.  Whether for way-faring vagabonds and rogues to distinguished politicos and intellectuals, the Matterhorn gives it to you seven ways in seven days.